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About Us

Since opening our first car wash in 1951, we have continued to employ the latest in automated car wash technology, from the use of computers and electronic sensor technology to the chemistry and engineering of cleaning agents. Over the years, our car care services have expanded to include detailing, oil changes, state inspections, along with B-Quik convenience stores and fueling stations. Our growth has not stopped! After more than six decades of successful operations, we are excited to announce the opening of our newest express wash location on Siegen Lane!

The times, the technology, and the cars have changed, but the values of this family owned and operated establishment remain the same. We, along with our dedicated employees, look forward to serving you!

Benny’s Fun Facts

Before we settled in Baton Rouge

Prior to opening Benny’s Car, Truck, and Van Wash on Florida Street in Baton Rouge, we got our start at Pensacola Auto Wash in Pensacola, Florida. We owned this car wash until its sale in 2009, during which time Benny’s owned the oldest car washes in both Florida and Louisiana.

A little Hollywood screen time

Benny’s second Baton Rouge car wash location on Plank Road can be seen in the 1982 movie The Toy with Richard Pryor.

Known around the world

Benny’s invented what is known today as “Modern Day Express Car Washing”, creating the concept of an all-inclusive car wash experience using an automated computer program. We wrote the program and presented it to a company that specializes in car wash software and equipment. Included in the program was the concept of the automatic gate and the lineup of “cars on stack”. In 2001, it was installed at our Perkins location and took 2 years to tweak and complete. Car wash owners from six continents have visited Benny’s to see how we run, and the automatic express wash commonly seen just about everywhere started at Benny’s.

Keeping it clean

It takes 80-90 gallons of water to wash one car in the tunnel. When possible, water is collected, treated, and recycled, allowing us to use only about 35 gallons of fresh water. However, at 11 gallons per minute, washing your car at home uses an average of 20% more water. Every chemical used at Benny’s is biodegradable and all run-off is treated before entering the sewer system. Alternatively, car wash solutions for home use are not always environmentally safe and are absorbed into the ground without being treated. At Benny’s, we are always striving to provide a quality service that is both friendly and environmentally friendly!